Joining the Royal Navy as a Warfare Officer means making key strategic decisions on board some of the most advanced warships on the planet. Mine Warfare - **** knows. Exercise Joint Warrior is the largest military exercise in Europe, bringing together the The Warfare Seaman Branch is somewhat of a default pick, they aim to provide "Reservists able to meet the requirements of the Royal Navy in Force Protection and general seamanship". In 2020, the Royal Navy determined PWO's deserved some formal recognition of the amount of training they received and the special position they inhabit within a fighting unit, the PWO pin and badge was subsequently commissioned and authorised for wear. You’ll be more operationally active than most Naval personnel as you provide the warfare capabilities that are essential to … Navigator - Draws on maps and charts and tries to not crash into things. Aircrew - Flies planes and helicopters. Fighter Controller - Talks to planes on radios and gets the air team to make him tea. Questions on Intelligence Officer - Warfare: Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting: 20: Feb 6, 2018: Can you become a pilot as a Warfare Officer? im just going into my last year at school and im expecting As and Bs in all my subjects which i … The officer corps of the Royal Navy is the cadre of personnel holding a commission from the sovereign appointing them in a position of authority in the Royal Navy. Pin and badge awarded to graduates of the Royal Navy's Principal Warfare Officer's course. Hello, I am currently applying to join the Royal navy as a surface warfare officer, I feel I have adequate knowledge of the the training pipeline but have found it difficult to find any information regarding the career path after all training has been completed. hi people i really need to find out what i will need to become a warfare officer in the royal navy. Whether you’re the Mine Clearance Diver who guarantees the safety of everyone on board, or the Warfare Officer who leads a team of professional sailors, life in the Warfare branch is all about being hands-on and calm under pressure, providing our vital defence capabilities. They're by far the biggest RNR branch, 1 of 2 that guarantee sea-time and by most accounts, the wrong choice if you're looking to climb the promotion ladder. Your career will start as a Junior Maritime Warfare Officer. As a Maritime Warfare Officer, you’ll take on the role of the Commanding Officer's representative and be responsible for the control, navigation, systems and maritime safety of advanced Navy ships at sea.. For those wishing to join in the above Officer specialisations, NOW is a very good time to attend AIB as there is a projected marked shortfall in required numbers for both specialisations in the New Year & a very good chance of an early start date.