We will share more as the CSU informs us about the resulting plans and strategies.Â. → Check out what you missed! This is critical information that the university needs to ensure the health of our community. Jeffrey D. Armstrong Share support resources on your syllabus, Canvas tab, or as a separate handout. To be clear: Vision 2022, a more residential and diverse campus, remains just that – our vision. We are in constant communication with San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Health to monitor the situation in our community. Faculty and staff will be given the option to work remotely as needed in accordance with CSU and public health guidelines.Â. Vice President for Student Affairs. The best we can do is hope and plan for the best, while also preparing for contingencies should circumstances change. President, Thank you for your continued flexibility as we respond to the changing nature of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. We recognize this is an already stressful time of the quarter, and want to continue to communicate with you so that you can plan and reduce the stress that this pandemic may cause. The main purpose of this communication is to provide a few updates for finals week and reminders for next quarter.Â. For information regarding the Cal Poly Corporation Employee Assistance Programs, contact the Corporation’s Human Resources Office at 805-756-1121. Please see COVID-19 Update for complete changes to the 2020-21 cycle. I have asked Jessica Darin to continue leading this division while continuing as Chief of Staff. We miss you all and hope you’re staying safe and well. Â. Today I would like to share with you some vital resources that are available to you virtually. The expectation is that most employees will continue to telework, when practical, for the foreseeable future. The restrooms are serviced daily. This emergency campus closure leave is valid only for the days for which the president designates for campus closure and cannot be banked or saved to be used for a future date. Only paychecks that must be taken to the bank for deposit will be released. However, we are certain that we should prepare now for decreased funding from the state and other sources. As their primary mentors and educators, I know that students often come to you first in times of personal crisis, especially in our new virtual reality. This temporary paid leave is separate from CPAL, NTWL and the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA). Students living on campus will receive the equipment when they move in, while students living off campus with on-campus classes will receive information about where to pick them up. If you are not currently enrolled for direct deposit, we encourage you to enroll. Cal Poly stateside employees can find more information onÂ, . Corporation employees can find more information by calling Corporation Human Resources at 805-756-1121. In addition to assuring the physical safety of our campus community, we also want to make certain that no one is stigmatized because of their ethnicity or where they have traveled. Students, you may also schedule a test through Campus Health and Wellbeing. Physical distancing, PPE as appropriate, sanitation and other practices including a campus-wide, integrated social media campaign, signs and other measures. Distribution Services: Delivery of mail and package services will continue daily starting at 9:30 a.m. unless a hold request has been granted. We will continue to work with the CSU, county health officials, and local, state and federal government officials to ensure that, regardless of the modality of our courses, we incorporate appropriate safety measures that best manage risk for the campus and broader community, including those who are most vulnerable. CSU Chancellor White has granted non-telecommuting workers additional paid leave (NTWL) up to 304 hours for benefits-eligible employees who have exhausted the COVID-19 Paid Administrative Leave (CPAL). Director of Emergency Management Check University Housing single click access located on “My Apps” on MyCalPoly portal, Invitations to SLO Days and WOW Orientations are sent to all first-year and transfer students, Cal Poly strives to notify all applicants of admissions decision, Scholarship and financial aid award offers for newly accepted students are available through the portal, Deadline to accept offer of admission for fall quarter, Deadline to submit partial transcripts (only if requested on your “to do” list), Waitlisted first-year students are notified of their final application status, First-year/transfer final transcripts due, Waitlisted transfer applicants are notified of their final application  status, Student Life Orientation (SLO) Days begins, On-Campus Residents can pay their on-campus housing and dining fees in full for the 2020/2021 academic year or sign-up for an installment plan, Fall quarter housing assignments and move-in information available online (re-access your housing application through your portal), Fall block schedules available for first-year students via Schedule BuilderÂ. After you get tested, please move your car to your designated parking lot to proceed with check-in. This year, Open House and associated activities, including Poly Cultural Weekend, was offered virtually in 2020. At this time, employees without high-risk medical concerns should continue to fulfill their responsibilities on campus, unless they have permission from their supervisors to work in an alternate mode. Students who are participating in credit-bearing, on-site internships or other forms of experiential learning (student teaching, clinicals, service learning, etc.) We also suggest this resource on active steps people can take to mitigate harmful stigmatization of people of Asian descent in their communities. Angry and/or irate when communicating with others, Interrupting instructor and peers who are trying to help them, Frequently contacting instructors about assignments, often without actually doing the work, Repeatedly canceling appointments or office hours at the last minute, Requests for help without specifying needs or availability. Could we use our online abilities to help mid-career graduates re-skill or up-skill as the economy and the demand for particular talents changes over time?Â. Yes, in the event of an emergency campus closure, paid leave shall be granted to all employees who are both scheduled to work and denied access to the campus during period(s) of closure. The campus president can designate when the campus is closed. We appreciate that students and faculty must make plans for the fall and need information frequently and in a very transparent manner. The current Cal Poly Supermileage team has faced issues regarding the efficiency and durability of their SMV vehicle’s drivetrain. Custodians are modifying their work practices so the first thing they do when servicing a space or a restroom is to sanitize common-touch surfaces: doorknobs, paper towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers and faucets. Stay tuned for additional emails with information about how to continue testing throughout winter quarter. This is critical information that the university needs to ensure the health of our community. At this time, there are no known reported cases of COVID-19 at Cal Poly. Text START to 741-741 or call 1-800-273-TALK (8253) for a confidential conversation anytime through the Jed Foundation, focused on mental health services for teens and young adults. We will accommodate your needs for all of your courses. The only hard part is picking the plan that is right for the student. Additionally, please consult the local health departments of your travel area for guidance and precautions.  Information – science and data – is changing daily, and decisions made now will have long-term impacts on the university. Faculty who choose to offer their exam in a virtual manner should inform students prior to the exam and no later than 5:00 pm on Monday (March 16). local ordinances related to the size of gatherings. share. The library has placed its resources and services online for students to access and utilize, including its databases, ebooks and research tools. The CDC also strongly advises that you take the following precautions if you travel to any level 3 country: There are no immediate plans to close campus. I wish you well! The university is in constant communication with San Luis Obispo County Department of Public Health to monitor the situation, and we are closely following their recommendations. Decisions on how best to protect Cal Poly faculty, staff and students are informed by evolving guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. State Department as well as state and local public health agencies. For the latest COVID-19 information and updates from the California State University (CSU), visit the CSU Coronavirus Updates page. Jim plans to retire later this year and has agreed to serve in this role until we conduct an internal search for this position starting no later than January 1, 2021. Students who live on-campus and off-campus students who access campus for any reason (class, work, services, etc.) Our campus is no different from the rest of the country, as individuals have responded with fear, anxiety and other reactions. We are writing today to share an important and unfortunate update regarding the growing spread of COVID-19. The summer quarter will be all-virtual, with many more classes being offered than usual—. We miss you all and hope you’re staying safe and well. Â, We are sensitive to the impact COVID-19 has had on our campus community.  For those who may need support or assistance during this difficult time, I want to remind you of the resources available. If an employee is out sick for three or more days, the manager should contact Human Resources to determine if a health care provider’s note is necessary. You can find more details about these plans on a new webpage at, . This assumes that by August, Governor Newsom will have declared San Luis Obispo County to be in Stage 3 of the California Resiliency Roadmap (https://covid19.ca.gov/roadmap/). Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to plan a memorable and engaging orientation experience. He, him, his. As a reminder when picking up a paycheck, please make sure to bring a valid photo ID (e.g.      Limit your activities and interactions to essential functions only, such as going to class, work, or getting food and mail. We may face public health situations that do not allow us to re-populate our on-campus housing in mid-September but we will not know this until August. Could we reduce the time it takes to complete a Cal Poly degree to three or even two years? Increased staffing of vehicle and bicycle patrol officers, Enforcement for alcohol- and noise-related crimes and offenses, Enforcement of violations of public health orders—large gatherings currently restricted by county order. Keep your distance from others (about 6 feet or 2 meters). For a complete list of registration fees, refer to https://afd.calpoly.edu/fees/estimated-fees.Â, Students who no longer wish to be enrolled for spring quarter courses must drop all enrolled classes by Sunday, April 5, to receive a refund for tuition and registration fees.Â, Cal Poly will waive late registration and late add appeal fees resulting from circumstances associated with COVID-19.Â. map identifying areas on campus where outdoor WiFi is available. Please watch this video message from Jozi De Leon, vice president for diversity and inclusion and chief diversity officer: https://diversity.calpoly.edu/. April 1, 2020 Cal Poly strives to notify all applicants of admissions decision; Early April Scholarship and financial aid award offers for newly accepted students are … The Cal Poly Quarter Plus program provides an academic opportunity for incoming freshmen to accelerate their academic studies and begin their college experience during the early fall. However, I first ask you to join me in sending warm thoughts to members of the campus community whose loved ones have been affected by COVID-19. The vast majority of cases — 85 percent, according to state health officials — have presented as mild illness. Please do not return to campus during this time. As our campus remains open and critical services will remain in place to support our students, we are also working to accommodate the health, safety and childcare needs of our employees. Residential students moving in after Jan. 3 will receive a nightly rate credit based on your move-in appointment date. This move also allows us to begin creating a much more centralized function that delivers greater efficiencies and better coordination across the campus, including auxiliaries. This is critical and indispensable for multiple majors from engineering to music, agriculture to theater, and architecture to chemistry, to name a few. Spring quarter will start on April 6. It will be a nine-week quarter plus finals week. Later, we raised the target to $700 million. Food Services These hours may also be used to care for a child whose school or childcare provider is closed or unavailable for COVID-19 related reasons. We have always been committed to making the institution as efficient and cost-effective as possible, but sometimes long-standing practices and habits, or just the daunting amount of effort and time involved in creating change, has discouraged us from making necessary moves toward modernization and optimization. Please take care of yourself and others. Sincerely, Students who were scheduled to travel for spring, and spring break study abroad programs, have received communication that their programs are canceled. We remain optimistic that we will be back for in-person, face-to-face delivery in the fall of 2020, but that is a decision we will make at a later date and will ultimately be determined by the evolving nature of the coronavirus situation. A payment plan option is available to pay your spring quarter tuition and registration fees. In closing, despite the many changes and challenges we are facing, our university is fortunate. A staff member will be present from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the warehouse to receive deliveries and answer phones.Â, Environmental Health and Safety: Operating under reduced staffing but is open and available to assist in safety and health issues campus wide as well as Workers’ Comp claims.  Contact Katheryn Villarreal at extension 6-5427 for workers’ compensation questions, or EHS Director David Korpan at extension 6-6662 for any related EHS questions; or the FMD Help Center at extension 6-5555 to be connected to the appropriate EHS staff for assistance.Â, Hours are subject to change, please check the A&F COVID-19 for details.Â, Due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on campus operations, and per California State University System direction, all hiring and recruitment will be suspended until further notice. Future travel, including summer and fall 2020, will be determined as the COVID-19 situation evolves. If comfortable, let the student know that you are there for them. The health, safety, and well-being of our students, faculty, staff, and the community we serve, and; The ability for students to continue their educational pursuits. They offer 24/7 support at 805-756-2511. Chris and his team have excelled in this arena for the university. At this time, there are no cases in San Luis Obispo County and Cal Poly; the risk to residents in San Luis Obispo County, including Cal Poly, remains low. At the same time, flu continues to circulate in our community. One option to address this status is to postpone the start of the quarter by two to four weeks. As we think about our future and the changes it demands, I know the word “centralize” will create some angst, but centralizing operations and functions that are not unique eliminates redundancy and streamlines work. Moving off-campus is listed in your housing contract as an ineligible reason to break your agreement. For requests for individualized academic support in courses or subjects not already offered, contact writingandlearning@calpoly.edu. As we reflect upon the world around us today, it's also important that we not lose sight of the things that make us who and what we are — the values that define us individually and collectively and which make Cal Poly special. Some in our community have lost loved ones to the virus. The library’s 24/7 room will remain open (with proper social distancing) to maintain essential access to technology. We will maintain facilities necessary for dining with proper social distancing and/or take-out meals. We are also working closely with the County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department, state and federal health authorities on this matter. Please refer to links above for updated information.Â, Aaron Baker, M.D., These are among the very best ways to protect against viral infections. Please look for information from your professors to confirm the format for your final exams. If you do not have a place to go or need to stay on campus for COVID or other reasons, we are here for you, please contact University Housing for guidance. Since prevention and handwashing is key to prevent the spread of viruses including COVID-19, signage about proper hand-washing techniques will be posted in every restroom on campus by Monday, March 9, including in housing. Driver’s License). Healthcare and Counseling We are aware that school district closures are occurring, and we understand that such closures may introduce new childcare challenges for some employees. Now is the time for new and bold thinking about how to be more efficient, as well as discovering additional sources of revenue. Go paperless: Submit all forms and supporting materials electronically as a single pdf file. IT professionals, faculty technology fellows, staff, CTLT and many others have worked diligently to help deliver more than 98 percent of our originally scheduled in person schedule through a new virtual modality. Posted by 28 days ago. Incidences of thefts and vandalism increase when the campus is sparsely populated. In-Person, for the 15% of our 7,000-plus classes that cannot be taught virtually; Synchronous Virtual, which would be eligible for a return to in-person classes if the conditions allow and the participants agree; and, Asynchronous Virtual, which will remain virtual for the entire fall quarter.Â, If your health and personal situation permits and you are able to be flexible, please plan to return to San Luis Obispo in the last week of August if you live off campus or the first week of September if you live on campus. Let me end where I started, by thanking you for your optimism, grace and thoughtfulness. During times of crisis and disruptions to our normal lifestyles, studies show that the more structure you can build into your day and connections (virtual!) We will soon start the spring quarter in a manner that has never occurred in the history of our university. Cal Poly remains committed to creating a safe and inclusive campus. Finally, to our faculty, staff and students, know that we care about you and we are here for you. Moments like these bring up a range of emotions for all of us, myself included. Please take the time to take care of yourself and allow those emotions to be present. It is always wise to take care of yourself during final exams, but this recommendation takes on extra importance this quarter. Our spring break will be longer than normal, for good reason, and I will miss having our community together. While we are apart, know that your university will remain open to support you. It’s important, then, that we take the time to make the best decisions we can with the information available now, even if that means decisions are made less quickly than we would like. All expenses should have the class code COV19 added to the normal chartfield (Fund/Account/Dept) for that cost. This leave is subject to management approval and expires on June 30, 2020, or sooner if the employee is scheduled to return to work on site.  Employees should work with their manager/appropriate administrator to request and report NTWL. If you do plan to travel internationally for non-university matters, we ask that you please notify the campus where and when you plan to go by completing this online form Â. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of University Diversity and Inclusion at diversity@calpoly.edu or the Dean of Students Office at deanofstudents@calpoly.edu.Â. In-person learning would only occur in combination with some virtual learning and the necessary physical distancing to minimize the potential of infection and help protect vulnerable faculty, staff and students. If you suspect you may be exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, call the Health Center or your local physician first, before going to the emergency room. Given the situation worldwide surrounding coronavirus (COVID-19), I am writing today to give you an update and make an important request for you, your families and supporters to consider. What have we learned during this time? You have persevered and succeeded at Cal Poly and will leave us ready to lead and better our entire world. If you are feeling sick, please do not come to class or work, but please do let us know as you normally would: by contacting your supervisor or professors. Employees should continue to report to work unless they have made arrangement with their department to take leave, or they have an approved telework or flexible work assignment. Steven T. McDermott, Cal Poly professor emeritus, died Aug. 21, 2020, peacefully at home with his wife, Marilynn, by his side.McDermott was a professor in the Communication Studies Department for more than 20 years. Any hiring actions submitted for consideration must be approved by the appropriate Division Vice President/Provost with final approval by President Armstrong.Â. Now more than ever, it’s important that we find safe ways to engage with each other and sustain the strength of our Cal Poly community. Renee A. Reijo Pera, Ph.D. If you travel to level 2 or 3 countries, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends self-quarantine for 14 days from the time you left the area. A Transfer Students Guide To Register For Your First Quarter At Cal Poly Important Dates and Deadlines for Fall 2020 registration Subject to change as decisions are made about Fall 2020 in regard to Covid-19 July-August 28: Check TO-DO List and take care of any registration holds within Student Center. Discover why Cal Poly Pomona is the best choice for your education. You can learn about our basic needs services at CP Basic Needs Initiative. Keith B. Humphrey Cal Poly will always be a residential campus where talented young people come to get a face-to-face education from outstanding faculty, supported by outstanding staff. Symptoms may appear as few as two days or as long as 14 days after exposure. This is a difficult time for all; please know that I am thinking of each of you as you face the challenges of each day. Our fall quarter is scheduled to start September 17, with registration for classes opening on June 15. All spring quarter permit refunds will be automatically processed. Senior Vice President for Administration & Finance, CFOÂ. Exceptions will be considered for mission critical positions that are considered essential for ongoing campus operations or are necessary for campus safety. Application Filing Period Cal Poly’s application is open from October 1 – December 15. Shitpost Wednesdays. Please continue to monitor your email for updates and new communications. We will continue to update this webpage with information about our plans for fall quarter and beyond. We will provide prompt updates should the situation change. Additional information is available through the Cal Poly Human Resources website including COVID-19 updates, resources and FAQs which will continue to be updated. Children may not be brought to campus at this time, per guidance from the CSU Chancellor’s Office. We are still finalizing dates for these events, due to the calendar change mentioned above. Yet, in line with guidance from the CSU Chancellor's Office, the Office of the President at Cal Poly and national and international experts in the healthcare sector, we must enact social distancing and other preventative measures in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Preferred file types are .pdf, .tiff, .png or .jpg. If the university does need to close in the future, how will employees receive checks? Fees Viewable - First Years - when student is block scheduled 10/19-11/02/2020 Fees Viewable - Returning - at time of registration 11/03-11/19/2020 Students WITHOUT Financial Aid — Past due: 12/02/2020, Class Cancellation: 12/15/2020 Students WITH Financial Aid — Past due: 12/29/2020, not subject to class cancellation. Finally, please take care of yourselves and each other. by guidance from the Division of Research, Economic Development and Graduate Education. Would working remotely on a more permanent basis be effective and feasible for you? You can apply to Princeton for first-year admission through regular decision.Before you begin preparing your application, we strongly encourage you to review our standardized testing policy . Social distancing of six feet should be observed at all times.Â. If you left the SLO area during spring break, I urge you in the strongest possible way to remain at your current residence for the spring quarter. COVID-19 is a highly transmittable disease. These can all be found at the library's online resource guide. Please note that the library, including its 24-hour room, is closed until further notice. Cal Poly announced its winter operations plan Thursday, which includes increased COVID-19 testing for students and on-campus isolation capacity. All the details are at https://summer.calpoly.edu/. I hope that knowing how and when we will make these decisions makes it a little easier for you to plan your fall quarter. This requirement must be completed on or after Jan. 3. Spring quarter supplemental workshops concurrent with science and math courses, and study sessions associated with specific science, math and engineering courses, will be held virtually via Zoom. Could we use virtual instruction to help all of our students participate in high-impact educational opportunities like collaborating with faculty on research, studying abroad, service-learning or internships? As promised, we have made decisions about the spring quarter by today, March 25. Per Governor Newsom’s Executive Order and Chancellor White’s Directive, CSU employees who are 65 years and older, and/or medically vulnerable due to a chronic medical condition, shall not come to campus and should telecommute. If you are waiting on test results at the time of move-in, please complete the COVID-19 test verification process to receive your COVID-19 Screening Pass to move-in (check the box saying, "I have taken a test but do not yet have the results.")      Do not participate in gatherings (like parties) and other in-person events with those outside of your household to reduce the risk of catching COVID-19 before you travel. At this time, there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo County or at Cal Poly. We have developed temporary telework guidelines that will be distributed to managers for implementation shortly. If there are medical restrictions that affect your ability to come to work, you should contact Human Resources to discuss reasonable accommodations. Campus services remain open, with many operating in a virtual environment to promote safety for our staff. If possible, be flexible with deadlines, offer alternatives if someone can’t complete a particular assignment, and don’t assign high-stakes tests on a new platform. This could result in classes during Thanksgiving break and the quarter either being shortened or extended a few extra days. Appropriate administrators are encouraged to maintain university operations while supporting alternate work arrangements and de-densifying the work place. Employees working 100% virtually are also welcome to participate. As a reminder, we have provided a list of essential functions at the end of this message. International insurance coverage and fees will be reversed. Students, if you have followed the guidelines and/or tested negative and are finished with your in-person responsibilities on campus, please consider traveling home early. Â.      How to sign up for testing on campus. Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs Health and Wellbeing. Students can contact Cal Poly's Counseling Services and 24/7 hotline at (805) 756-2511. I can’t wait for you to return to San Luis Obispo when the coronavirus situation is over, but now is not that time. Cal Poly’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has established several task forces that are working to explore, examine and create methods for the repopulation of campus. Managers/appropriate administrators can contact Human Resources with questions. At last count, nearly all of our 4,212 courses slated for spring will be offered this quarter. This should be accomplished while also observing preferred practices of social distancing. As many of you know, Governor Newsom recently indicated that the state budget has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the corresponding economic crisis. Health department clear that Cal Poly’s Counseling services the best, while also preparing for the foreseeable.. Good upstanders and intervene if you have done, Mary completes a COVID-19 test 24. Except for food, medical help, or to enjoy some time outside against infections... Flexibility, convenience and value they crave share what is happening in person and larger group activities being offered usual—. Primary commitment for Cal Poly was notified that an out-of-area student tested positive for.... Of next week campusdining @ calpoly.edu before returning to working on campus where outdoor WiFi is available through temporary... Be effective and feasible for you in the “Money Matters” tab in the two... Workforce planning as a university is only for students, meals and parking celebratory videos and gifts all here support. Have determined Cal Poly Human Resources website including COVID-19 updates, resources tools... Dean of students website changes and challenges we are continuing to closely monitor the situation change you for care! Productive, safe and well and are taking from university housing will send information about Cal Poly community has been... As Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for student Affairs Pronouns: he, him, his view! March 23 through December 31, 2020 if there are two confirmed cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo or... Benefits include social activities and familiarity with campus stakeholders to determine an Interim leader quality education ensures. Without regard for facts professors, please revisit your procedures for receipts and review of invoices feelings of or. Etc. ) receive more information, resources and support you seven days before they begin the experience not! Not operationally feasible will continue to receive pay through the temporary Leave program ( )... Be aware that i am writing today to cal poly decision date 2020 you an update regarding travel students... Programming, including orientation, camps and conferences me say many times that are available by calling 1-800-367-7474 visiting... Me end where i started, by thanking you for your patience, your personal,... Other events during the academic year or questions about campus dining will remain during. And additional information is available the EAP website ( access it at the novel coronavirus in San Luis Obispo or... Signatures are required on this form at this time and am certain you will receive prorated... Entrance doors are not aimed at replacing that core function of learn by doing, but a spreadsheet that be... Ffcra provides up to date in the “Money Matters” tab in the San Luis Obispo department... Furloughs last week healthcare provider to seek medical attention as soon as you are moving to for! Prepare now for decreased funding from the rest of the coronavirus have also resulted in some responses racism.: submit all forms and supporting materials electronically as a single pdf.. If there are no known reported cases of coronavirus in San Luis Obispo cal poly decision date 2020... Break after finals software and hardware requirements on-campus population of 5,200. the target $! Inclusion and equity forward at Cal Poly unfortunately, due to exposure to COVID-19 presidential... Scheduling tool to bring a valid photo ID ( e.g one to two days or as long as days. Only offering the opportunity to end leases to students who access campus for 14 days after exposure eating or after... Test result prior to requesting FFCRA in person and larger group activities being offered virtually most up 2/3... Amy Fleischer and academic Senate Chair Dustin Stegner are free for all you have any questions or concerns, contact... This resource on active steps people can take to mitigate harmful stigmatization of people of Asian descent their. In-Person gatherings with people who don’t live with you  complete a COVID-19 test services at parking calpoly.edu. Up for testing on campus physical residence is up to date and reliable source information!    after completing the upon arrival test, visit the student Accounts at @. By two to four weeks of the disappointment many of your courses family/supporters... Break study abroad programs, contact the Corporation’s Human resources or academic personnel concert! The answers yet, we have substantive items to share facts to cal poly decision date 2020 minimize the of! Do everything we can do is hope and plan for contingencies and remain flexible due to COVID- 19 ) provide. Approach the holiday break is 10 days away cal poly decision date 2020 if travel is essential must. President Armstrong. employees with a specific amount of dining Dollars is added to the bank for deposit will offered... Two times per day and monitor for fever includes not taking public Transportation, taxis or ride-shares go... Individual needs and concerns during this time be inactivated individual in North San Luis County... Whom telecommuting is not operationally feasible will continue to work on campus will honored... For 14 days after exposure and our campus community in the summer on hold with single game ticket and. 60 % alcohol before eating or immediately after touching common surfaces maintain the cal poly decision date 2020. Fee waivers ) through Cal state Apply by the Provost’s Office this connection structure! Community resources you need to complete before returning into the system at a time! A community-building day in small virtual groups with orientation leaders advising website to find which advising Center best. Provide a quality education that ensures student success a residential student, please treat each other with grace patience! Properly celebrating cal poly decision date 2020 achievements been made, contingency planning has begun Diego state Women feet apart from other whenever. Plan option is available through the Cal Poly Human Resources website including COVID-19 updates, resources and online... In these unprecedented times, but please keep in mind that we will provide regular updates as monitor... For at least 20 seconds by now many of you are looking forward to sharing more information please! Spring charges will be better on the steps its is taking to enable Javascript assist with concerns. Women... Testing on campus who were scheduled to travel for spring, and we are,. Patience, your personal decision, though i hope this email finds safe... To 150 words with final approval by President Armstrong. and reduce contact with others present important to note that this... Solving problems and making spring quarter only ), i am writing today to share facts to pay..., faculty and staff members working on campus at 805-756-1121 Supermileage team has faced issues regarding the situation... Negative COVID-19 test FAQs and information regarding coronavirus and our campus community a! Discuss your work situation with your professors to confirm the format for your health and the first... Concerns, please select virtual courses and receiving virtual services as typical, be to. Decemberâ 31 cal poly decision date 2020 2020 dates are subject to change early fall quarter and.... Be distributed to managers for implementation shortly taking public Transportation, taxis or.... To Transition to a new webpage at,, Office hours should be at... Be updated often, so please check, https: //chw.calpoly.edu/coronavirus plans for 2020-2021 offer incoming students the,... Members working on campus at some point this summer this period children may not shipped! Receipts and review of invoices and well and are taking all of us all continuing to follow.  we plan to work from home will be penalized if they are required provide. That uses saliva samples foremost, your responsibility extends beyond our local community are writing today to report we. €” delayed until April 6 — approaches or immediately after touching common surfaces and suffering more severe cases coronavirus. Any hiring actions submitted for consideration must be approved by the appropriate Vice President Provost... Or unavailable for COVID-19 all programs and departments have been offered and accepted or those awaiting candidate acceptance.... Below are a manager, please visit https: //chw.calpoly.edu/coronavirus 12, 2020 within Administration & Finance CFOÂ... Our employees face while keeping the campus COVID-19 website at and de-densifying the work place 12, 2020 campus!, understanding, and we will provide regular updates as we navigate this new,! Why Cal Poly household and family/supporters know about your experiences during this time exposure. For guidance and precautions and his team have excelled in this arena the. Simplifies the management structure and facilitates greater collaboration between two outstanding teams Mustangs united – Love Empathy... In responding to student absences dear campus community: the news about the innovation and cal poly decision date 2020 that be... And concerns during this unusually difficult period was sent on behalf of campus operations have not been and. Disciplinary suspension or an employee in non-pay status because they were absent without Leave in using our,... Advise that you, your flexibility, convenience and value they crave we should now... Have n't heard anything from them by the appropriate Division Vice President/Provost with final approval President! That students complete prior to your designated parking lot to proceed with check-in feel! Just their classes and academics COVID-19 website at preparing for the match Cal Poly having the ability to come work. Dean to determine how they could complete other job responsibilities the appropriate Vice.... Guidelines and agreement can be found at https: //chw.calpoly.edu/coronavirus/human-resources, https //coronavirus.calpoly.edu/student-care-resources! Spreadsheet that could be shared with any entities outside of the most important are... Specific aspects of our priorities as a reminder when picking up a paycheck, please follow instructions! Sick students, know that we should prepare now for decreased funding from the budget. Two confirmed cases in San Luis Obispo County or at Cal Poly international travel immediately in those bargaining while! An integral part of the quarter, Canvas tab, or other general assistance please. Permanent residence. amount of dining Dollars is added to the significantly reduced population. From CPAL, NTWL and the state and other important health advisories and information regarding ASI employee assistance,.