There's the choice of a five-door hatchback (which looks like a sedan), or a five-door station wagon - and with Skoda buyers being pragmatic, the wagon is the more popular body style. You can't help but feel for Audi when you first slink into the driver's seat of the A4 45 TFSI. That engine is paired with a seven-speed S tronic automatic, with power sent to the front wheels. Consider yourself intrigued? ), that you test drive the car extensively, and try to put it through your regular day-to-day routine.Â, As with many examples of cars built on the Volkswagen MQB modular architecture, there is some road noise - especially on coarse-chip surfaces. So that's what we've got here, and in the new Sport trim line.Â. One of the main reasons you might be drawn to the Skoda Octavia is its attractive pricing. Just make sure that if you're considering the Octavia (or any new car, for that matter! The 110TSI hatch has a 620kg un-braked trailer weight capacity or 1500kg for a braked trailer (manual or auto); the 110TSI manual wagon can deal with 630kg/1500kg, while the DSG wagon is good for 640kg/1500kg.Â. How To, off-road tips and adventure travel destinations, Not just utes. The Skoda Octavia base Petrol returns 15 Kmpl, whereas its base Diesel counterpart gives 20 Kmpl of fuel efficiency. The plus of Audi A4 is the engine, which produces 245 hp @ 5000-6500 rpm. As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Audi A4 base Petrol engine returns 18 Kmpl, whereas the base diesel returns 17 Kmpl. The sharp creases that flow down each flank give the side-view some clear definition, and I do particularly like the way those alloys fill the wheel arches, genuinely making the A4 look tough and purposeful. You really ought to read my review of the RS245 wagon. Porovnejte auta na jednom místě! The Skoda Octavia 2018 range offers buyers unparalleled pragmatism, and a broad range of options to suit varied budgets. The Tech Pack costs $4900 for the entry-grade car, $3900 for the Sport model, and $2300 for RS versions. The dimensions of the Skoda Octavia vary between the hatch and wagon, and the regular model vs the RS - yep, there's a bit of a size difference, but it's pretty miniscule. The materials aren't as plush as you'll find in a Volkswagen Golf or a Mazda6, but they're not scratchy or harsh.Â, Up front there are big door pockets, a pair of shallow cupholders, a good sized box in front of the gearshifter for your phone and wallet, and a reasonable glove box.Â. Power-hungry people rejoice! The base model Octavia is pretty well equipped, with niceties such as an 8.0-inch touchscreen media system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, dual-zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, a cooled glovebox, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. Dabei kommt … Trying to figure out which of these cars to buy? Zdecyduj co kupić Octavię czy A4 Porównywane samochody: Skoda Octavia vs Audi A4 The diesel is the most fuel-efficient option, sipping a claimed 5.2 litres per hundred kilometres on the combined cycle, while emitting 136g/km of C02. It's been close to 7 months, since the new-gen A4 hit our shores; but, back then, it only came with a petrol engine. I have a particular soft spot for the stance of the sedan, but wagon lovers will find plenty to like about the Avant, too. And a good thing, too. The Octavia is now in its 3rd generation. Some notable elements: you need to option keyless entry and push-button start, no matter the model you choose, and a sunroof will cost you $1500 for the hatchback and $1700 for the wagon. The wagon model has silver roof rails, but sadly, there's a chrome strip at the nose end, and this model comes with halogen headlights but the tail-lights are LED units. A family of five, plus luggage, will fit in here easily, with the back seat offering enough rear legroom, headroom and shoulder room for adults, too. Airbags for the Octavia are seven for the regular model (dual front, front side, driver's knee and full-length curtain) and nine for RS models (added rear-side protection). This pack costs $4200 for the base grade, $1600 for the Sport model  $2800 for the RS, $1500 for RS245. Also worth noting that the alarm system needs to be replaced every six years, at a cost of $411 - that might need to be considered in your resale value estimates.Â, If you're concerned about common faults, problems or issues you may encounter check out our Skoda Octavia problems page. If you're interested, the RS model line-up consists of a few different variants. You can save money on your new estate by configuring one using carwow. Â, And while that might sound disappointing, here's the rub. You can pre-pay your service costs for three or five years, which will set you back $1710 or $2720 for petrol engines, or $2050 and $3190 for diesel engines. Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job, Looking for an answer? Porovnejte auta na jednom místě! CarWale brings you comparison of Skoda Octavia and Audi A4. The media system in our test vehicle was the upgraded 9.2-inch unit, which is crisp to look at an offers good resolution, plus the added usability that comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can't be ignored. I didn't like the new look for the Octavia when Skoda revealed it early in 2017, and I wasn't alone. Without running through the full price list of the Skoda Octavia models sold in Australia, we can tell you that Skoda prefers to deal in drive-away pricing, so that's what you see here. yes i drive an octavia because i carn,t afford an audi, i would if i could, we all aspire to an audi because a skoda is the nearest alternative at a far more reasonable price. Audi A4 Avant 2.0 TDI Bj. Hello to MotorCarTube and a new video. All Audi's are covered by a three-year, unlimited-kilometre warranty, with servicing required every 12 months or 15,000km. SKODA OCTAVIA costa 13.700 € in meno di AUDI A4 AVANT * … Are you affected? It is available with the choice of a six-speed manual gearbox or seven-speed dual-clutch (DSG) automatic transmission in the base grade, but the Sport model is auto only. 2 The cheapest way into an A4 remains the 35 TFSI Sedan, which will set you back $55,900, while the more sport-and-style focused S line variant will cost you $59,900. Competition is stiff at this end of the market. The Superb has standard lumbar support on the driver’s seat to improve driver comfort on long journeys, whereas this was an option on the A4. And even the most prehistoric owner can’t complain about the hybrid tech here, either. Need more? What's been recalled and why. 11 Non contente d’enfin mériter son appellation, la « Superb » Combi de Skoda lorgne de plus en plus vers le premium. The base Diesel model of the Skoda Octavia costs ₹ 15.49 Lakh, whereas the Diesel top-end of Skoda Octavia comes with a price tag of ₹ 26 Lakh. A4 Vs Octavia – Which has a Better Engine Efficiency? The range then steps up to the A4 45 TFSI quattro S line, which is yours for $68,900 in sedan guise, or $71,400 for the Avant, or wagon. The dimensions of the Skoda Octavia vary between the hatch and wagon, and the regular model vs the RS - yep, there's a bit of a size difference, but it's pretty miniscule. 3 cylinders and 110 hp of power are available under the hood of Skoda Octavia. Read on to find out more. The A4 diesel is part of the 10 products that Audi is bringing in, to India, this year and we've finally managed to get our hands on it. Are you looking to buy a car but can't decide between a Audi A4 or Skoda Octavia? The extra airbags can be added to entry-grade models as part of the Luxury Pack, which will also bring lane keeping assist and blind-spot monitoring.Â. The question now is, is this plucky premium passenger car good enough to fight off the SUV hordes? The Sport model costs more, with the hatchback version listing at $32,990 drive-away, and the wagon priced at $34,490 drive-away. So, how much does the the mid-size model cost?Â. There are three drivetrains to choose from in the 2018 Octavia range, and the specifications step up as you move up the range. Instead, it offers a comfortable, quiet, super-competent drive experience that delivers most everything you might expect from it, and then some. The Czech brand allows customers to pre-pay their service costs by choosing one of its 'Service Packs, the cost of which can be bundled into finance or outright purchase price. For that, you'll find LED headlights, 19-inch alloy wheels, a new 10.1-inch touchscreen that's Apple CarPlay and Android Auto equipped, a smart key with push-button start, leather trim, three-zone climate, standard navigation and a DAB+ digital radio. Ich habe seit Dezember letzten Jahres einen A4 B9 Benziner Limo 2.0 mit 252 PS, Allrad. Mianowicie Audi A4 i Skoda Octavia są podobnych wymiarów i to nawet chyba ta sama płyta podłogowa, ale w Octavii jest dużo więcej miejsca w środku. ₹ 23.6 Lakh for range topping Petrol model. Erfahren Sie, welches Auto ist besser The same kit, only with a head up display, park assist and a 360-degree camera will cost you between $2900 and $3770 on the 35 TFSI S line and 45 TFSI S line. ауди а4 или шкода октавия Сравнение Audi A4 и Skoda Octavia по ряду параметров позволит понять, что лучше Audi A4 или Skoda Octavia. Here's what to look out for and buy smart, Get to know the personalities behind the team every week, The most interesting hints of what's to come. Na Autohledu porovnáváme Audi A4 Avant 35 TFSI 2019 vs Škoda Octavia Combi RS 2,0 TSI 2020 včetně všech parametrů, motorizací a ceny. vs. SKODA OCTAVIA. Available in sedan, wagon or a more off-road focused allroad body style, the just-refreshed A4 will give you just about everything but an SUV shape. Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. The Octavia requires 95RON premium unleaded fuel at a minimum. And if we're honest, the A4 doesn't really do any of that. The once-handsome Czech mid-size model had been taken to with the ugly stick, with the dual-headlight look appearing to make the model look, well, nothing like a model. Use our side by side comparison to help you make a decision. Perfectly capable at commuter speeds, but lacking in the fizz department should you find yourself on a winding road, and you do find yourself longing for more grunt as you exit a corner, especially heading up hill.Â, Same, too, the diesel, which isn't underwhelming, but feels like a particular tool for a particular job, or for those wedded to the idea of a long-distance diesel engine.Â. The Skoda Octavia price is ₹ 36.00 Lakh. Zuvor hatte ich einen Skoda Octavia RS Benziner Limo 220 PS. Stepping up to a dual-clutch (DSG) automatic adds $2500 in both instances. The 45 TFSI engine is the same size as the 35 TFSI, but ups the grunt to 183kW and 370Nm. Wagon versions add $1500. Fuel tank sizes vary from 54 litres for the petrol sedan, 61 litres for the diesel, and 58 litres for the petrol wagon. The sporty petrol-only RS245 model costs $46,490 for the manual hatch, and $48,990 for the auto hatch. We have had it in India since October 2013, but unlike the last two gens we have not got the sportier performance RS version as yet. It's easy to think SUVs have already consumed Australia's new-car market, but a deeper dive into the numbers throws up some surprising results for some brands. Skoda Octavia vs Audi A4 [2013-2016] Comparison at CarWale. The regular wagon isn't as long at 4667mm (2686mm wheelbase), but sits a bit taller (1465mm) and is the same width (1814mm). Leggendo l'entusiasmo dei possessori Skoda, tra cui un amico che ha or ora preso la wagon 1.6 105cv, chiedo se mai abbiate preso in considerazione una A4 con lo stesso motore e se, alla luce magari di vs. prove, nella sostanza siano vetture molto vicine.. al di là di impostazioni differenti. In fact, it's so much easier that Audi has done away with them entirely, replacing them with extra storage in the centre console. Today we compare the Skoda Octavia Combi 2020 vs. Audi A4 Avant 2020. Here are the main numbers you need to know. CONFRONTO AUDI A4 AVANT VS SKODA OCTAVIA Guarda tutte le versioni expand_more. Oder. Our database has the answer, Everything you need to know to keep you and your family as safe as possible, Helpful advice before you finance your next car, Tips for getting the right insurance and how to make a claim, Everything you need to know when sizing up your new car. Fuel economy is good for the 110TSI model we're testing, with claimed consumption rated at 5.2 litres per 100 kilometres for the DSG hatch and wagon, while the 110TSI manual hatch uses 5.4L/100km and the 110TSI manual wagon claims 5.5L/100km.Â. It's really worth comparing motors of the cars. But in the words of a particular fairytale heroine, the 45 TFSI quattro feels just right. Both offer aluminium-look exterior highlights, roof rails and new front and rear bumpers, as well as a mite more off-road ability. Then there are the top of the range RS245 models, with extra punch and more kit again. Thankfully the interior dimensions are accommodating, and the design in the cabin is very, very smart. 2011 mit 87.000 km und 143 ps. 2013 mit 88.000 km und 150 ps. It is, in a word, very Audi. Looking for tips on how to carry or travel with your family? There's a spare wheel under the boot floor (you get a space-saver in RS models) and the back end features a dual-sided mat so you can put damp items in the back without damaging the carpet.Â, Of course there's a couple of clever inclusions like flip-down shopping bag hooks, remote release levers for the split fold seats (they go down in a 60:40 fashion, and there's a clever ski-port for loading through longer items), and there's a dual-action cargo blind. The Skoda Octavia 2018 Sport wagon may run the same 110TSI drivetrain as the regular base model car, but its chassis and design tweaks make it a worthwhile model to consider if you want something that stands out a little bit from the rest of the Octavia pack. Fittingly, there's a drop in the sprint time, now as low as 5.8 seconds, with the top speed increased to 250km/h. This comparison has been carried out on the basis of prices, engine specifications, mileage, and features of these cars. Plus the Sport has a black pack, including black door mirror caps, plus side and tailgate decals, there's a rear spoiler (black for the hatch model and body-colour for the wagon), and it rides on a lower sports suspension set-up. Join me as we find out.Â. Detailed advice for you - the tradie - on what car is right for you and your job. The ex-showroom price of the Petrol Audi A4 in New Delhi starts at ₹ 41.49 Lakh and goes up to ₹ 45.55 Lakh for the fully-loaded Petrol model. Finally, the diesel, which is only offered in the allroad body style. The 40 TDI quattro squeezes 140kW and 400Nm from the it's 2.0-litre engine - enough to dispatch 100km/h in 7.9 seconds. It's undeniably handsome, the A4, in all of its guises. You'll notice I called out a particular engine at the start there, and that's because the 45 TFSI really is the pick of the bunch. Not just utes. The entry-level petrol engine feels exactly that, like the entry-level choice. The flat-bottomed wheel feels great under touch, leather abounds, and the dash and centre console received lashing of metallic or carbon-fibre trim.Â. Wow factor eventually fades, or the speeding tickets begin to pile up, and all you're really left with is how well a car goes about its day-to-day business, and it's here the A4 shines.Â. You get a mesh net system, a removable torch and an umbrella, too.Â, Plus the space on offer for occupants is very good. Här kan du läsa mer om bland annat bränsleförbrukning, bilekonomi, kupébuller, barnsäkerhet, prestanda, kupé- och lastmått, krocksäkerhet och utrustning. AUDI A4 AVANT alcanza 30 Km/h en comparación con el SKODA OCTAVIA * en la versión más veloz. If yours is a life filled with kids' sport and weekends away, this is the model you want. Both are S line only, so you get the sportier style, but you also build on the 35 TFSI S line's equipment list with a memory function for the driver's seat and a better Audi 10-speaker stereo. AUDI A4 AVANT da 38.350 € Guarda tutte le versioni expand_more. Detaillierter Vergleich: Audi A4 gegen Skoda Octavia. It’s not that the engine is overly potent, it’s more that the power delivery feels perfectly matched to the vibe of the car - easy, plentiful, and hassle-free. Riesiger Stauraum (610 - 1740 l), Fernentriegelung der Lehnen, klappbarer Beifahrersitz (80 Euro) Skoda Octavia Scout 2.0 TDI Green tec 4x4. Na Autohledu porovnáváme Audi A4 Limuzína 35 TFSI 2019 vs Škoda Octavia 2,0 TSI 2019 včetně všech parametrů, motorizací a ceny. Off-road for beginners and the experienced, plus camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes, We make it easy to compare design, practicality, value and more, Buying used? On the other hand, Skoda Octavia price in New Delhi of base variant starts at ₹ 16 Lakh and goes up to Rs. The base Diesel version of the Audi A4 costs ₹ 43.39 Lakh, whereas the Audi A4 Diesel top-end costs ₹ 46.96 Lakh. Adaptive cruise control with Stop&Go, active lane assist, Audi pre-sense, Collision avoidance assist, high beam assist and turn assist all arrives as a package on the 35 TFSI, costing between $1900 and $2470. Trying to figure out which of these cars to buy? Elsewhere, you'll find a plethora of storage spaces, two cupholders up front, bottle holders in each of the doors, and a new cubby in the centre console, where the media controls once lived.Â. Based on my time in the 1.4-litre Sport wagon, I was going to do about 650km on a tank, with at the bowser fuel consumption measured at 7.3L/100km. The regular Octavia model was already at the pointy end of the segment for dynamics and comfort, but this Sport version is more dialled into the surface below, with the combination of the stiffer chassis and the bigger wheels with grippy Bridgestone Potenza 225/40/18 rubber rewarding the driver, albeit at a slight penalty in terms of outright ride comfort. We've listed all relevant models here. Zobacz jak kierowcy jeżdżący na codzień Skodą Octavia i Audi A4 ocenili swoje auta - porównaj wyniki. It’s seriously unnoticeable, with the Audi behaving like any other turbocharged petrol engine should, only with the added benefit of saving a little fuel. Want a quicker 0-100 acceleration time, more speed, and better performance figures, and independent rear suspension? Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. Standard-spec Octavias come with 17-inch alloy wheels, and all Octavias get front fog lights. Unsure of your car's maximum towing capacity? Beide mit Navi und ein … The Sport wagon has black roof rails. Yeah, spidery. Safety features across all models include a reversing camera and rear parking sensors (with a visual park assist display), auto emergency braking (AEB), multi-collision brake, tyre pressure monitoring, fatigue detection and adaptive cruise control. five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty plan, It's time to move past three-year warranties. Wondering how much air to put in your tyres? Ask Audi, and they'll tell you how this is a major design update for then A4 (albeit one that's arrived in the middle of its life, rather than for a whole new model), and how almost every exterior panel has been changed or altered.Â, The reality, though, is it still looks like an A4, only now with a wider grille, and redesigned headlight and DRL clusters, both of which combine to give the muscular mid-sizer a lower, more athletic-looking front-end.Â. Audi A4 allroad vs. Seat Leon X-Perience & Skoda Octavia … The price of Skoda Octavia RS 245 and Audi A4 30 TFSI Premium Plus starts at Rs. You can get a power tailgate as an option on all trim grades of the wagon, too, at $500. The Skoda Octavia base Petrol returns 15 Kmpl, whereas its base Diesel counterpart gives 20 Kmpl of fuel efficiency. In the powertrain department, the Audi A4 gets 150 bhp Petrol engine and 174 bhp Diesel engine, whereas the Skoda Octavia comes in 2 Petrol 148, 177 bhp engines and 141 bhp Diesel engine. But the Octavia Sport model you see here in white just looked a little bit… spidery, I'd say. The other choice you'll need to make is on colours, with metallic paint adding $500. SKODA OCTAVIA da 24.650 € VS. AUDI A4 AVANT. Yes, some 57 per cent of its sales are SUVs, and that's a lot. There are no paddle-shifters, but there's a manual mode to flick up or down on the shifter, and there are a few drive modes to choose from, each adjusting the throttle response and gearing. Sport was great, but Normal was where I spent most of my time. It stretches 4762mm in length, 1847mm in width and 1431mm in height, and will swallow 460 litres of luggage in its boot.Â, Those numbers translate to pretty spacious cabin, with enough room up front for two adults to never encroach on each other's territory, and enough room in the back for me (I'm 175cm) to sit behind my own driving position with clear air above my head and between my knees and the driver's seat in front.Â. But that still leaves 43 per cent of its customers who are looking for something a little different. Add $1500 for a wagon. Audi A4 Vs Skoda Octavia Vs Skoda Superb Comparison: Which Car is Better? A4 Vs Octavia – Which gives Better Mileage? There's no extended warranty option, though. You really ought to read my review of the RS245 wagon. In today's motoring world, there's a heap of pressure on car company's to deliver something special with each new vehicle - some scintillating wow factor - be it a door-to-door digital screen, rocket ship acceleration or game-changing cabin materials. Honda Civic vs Toyota Corolla vs Skoda Octavia: Comparison Review, New Mercedes-Benz C-Class vs BMW 3 Series vs Audi A4, 4-cylinder Inlline Petrol Engine With Direct Fuel Injection,Turbocharging And Audi Valvelift System, Disc Brakes With Inner Cooling, With Single/piston Floating Caliper, Independent-wheel Suspension, Five Link Axle With Front Track Rod, Aluminium Transverse Link, Subframe And Tubular Anti-roll Bar, McPherson Suspension With Lower Triangular Links And Torsion Stabiliser, Independent-wheel Suspension, Five Link Axle With Rear Track Rod, Resiliently Mounted Subframe, Anti-roll Bar. The hatch is 4670mm long (2686mm wheelbase), 1461mm tall and 1814mm wide. In some colour combinations it's not too bad - a red RS245 with the black gloss grille, for example, looks tidy. In Normal mode there's a bit of stuttering at lower speeds when you're on and off the throttle, but it isn't as much of a deal-breaker as it might have been with earlier iterations of dual-clutch autos. There's no gold, brown or yellow, but there's a lightish beige hue called 'Cappuccino', which you can't get on higher-spec versions. As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Audi A4 base Petrol engine returns 18 Kmpl, whereas the base diesel returns 17 Kmpl. The dashboard display was reading 7.2L/100km. If you want an RS wagon but can't afford one, you really ought to take a look at this car.Â. So seamlessly, in fact, that it can feel a little disconnected. El SKODA OCTAVIA es 73 mm más corto que el AUDI A4 AVANT * en la versión más corta. Skoda has finally confirmed the powerful Octavia will come to India in 2017. The smaller petrol will use 6.1 litres on the same cycle over the same distance, and expel 167g/km of C02, while the bigger petrol ups the fuel use to to 7.1 litres, but drops the C02 to 162g/km. It may not be as attractive as it was prior to its most recent facelift, but there is plenty to like if you can look beyond the challenging front-end design.